Fine Art Friday–Great Point–Nantucket, MA

Nantucket Island is known for many cool things, including its intense New England charm.  It also has zero stop lights or private beaches, three distinct lighthouses, and is the only place in America where a town, island, and county are one and the same.  Back in the day, I somehow amazingly managed to spend five full summers working in this paradise and I love to death the nooks and crannies of this island.

Luckily I’ve been on island all week, soaking up the salty rays, eating too many beach club french fries, feeling too elderly for our old favorite bars (but going anyway), and just plain chillaxing with my hubby and bebe.  I wanted to share some classic, summery New England photos from Great Point Lighthouse (very old school–originally established in 1784).  Great Point sits on a very narrow northeast tip of the island and is tough to get to, though once there, it’s wonderful to photograph.  When the beach road isn’t closed to protect nesting plover birds or harbor seals, it is only accessible by boat or by a fun yet involved beach drive (special permit, deflated tires, driving with the ocean on both sides of your car.)  However you get there, it’s definitely a treat to see.  I hope everyone is having a great Independence week–Happy Friday!