Fine Art Friday–Calm Before the Storm–Riverside Park–New York, NY

Not so much Fine Art today as a shout out to Mother Nature.  I shot this image in Riverside Park in 2010 during the snowiest February on record in NYC.  It feels like it hasn’t snowed since.  By Saturday, things should be looking similar.  Yay. Finally. My daughter is nearing age 2 and has never seen a real snowstorm.

Those who know me well are aware of my obsession with all things weather.  On any given day, I can usually tell you the high and low temp, the percent chance for precipitation, and the sunset time.  I love a good 10 day forecast.  Perhaps because my schedule is dictated by the weather, for both photography (think weddings, outdoor portraits) and teaching (I lead architectural walking tours during the school year to 1st and 2nd graders).  So Mother Nature has a big say in my plans, but another part of me just loves getting under the covers at the end of the day and watching The Weather Channel.  First of all, I love their meteorologist’s ridiculous excitement and alarmist tendencies when it comes to “severe weather”…who doesn’t want to see Jim Cantore screaming into a microphone while his face is whipped with rain and water rises around him?  He’s all drama.  But mostly I love seeing the national forecast map and checking out the weather in all of the places that I have lived.  65 and sunny in Monterey?  Seems like it’s always 65 and sunny there.  Whenever I see this forecast (and torture myself with it as a favorite on my iPhone too), a small part of me dies inside that I chose to move from the Monterey Peninsula back to this dead tundra.  10 degrees and windy in Missoula?  Thank god I lived there in the summertime.  And San Diego?  Well, the weather there was just…boring.  When I lived there,  I didn’t need a Weather Channel dose, because it was the same every day…beautiful, but the same.  Boston?  Most of the time I do not miss your weather, but I am a New England gal who loves a good Nor’easter, and right about now I’m wishing that I still lived up there.

Ok, back to my Nemo storm coverage. Have a fun snowy weekend everyone!

Do you have a fun snowstorm memory? Share it with us!