Diamond Family–Westerly, RI Family Portraits

I come from a big Irish family so when asked to photograph an equally large family, I’m always up for the challenge. I arrive to the session with a plan of attack as we work toward sunset time (depending on ages, bedtimes, meltdown potential, etc.) and am ready to wrangle a big group–high energy is the key! With groups of 8+, I’d estimate that everyone is looking at the camera with their eyes open in about 10% of the photos that I take–no matter how much I try! The solution? Just take a lot so you have options! Keep the group laughing, jump up and down, and bring squeaky toys for the babies- whatever you’ve got to do! Thus, I was excited when the Diamond family contacted me to take beach portraits of their group of 10, ranging in age from 6 months to 90. I’ve known the Diamonds since high school and it’s always fun to see how a family has grown and changed.

We met at their family home in Westerly, RI, which has a gorgeous walkway leading down to the beach. We lucked out with beautiful mid-summer light but battled some fierce wind, which is never easy for the gals in the photos! After the large group shot, we were able to break down into some smaller groups to capture the little cousins and their families. Davis just turned 2 and is the son of college coaches–football for dad and lacrosse for mom–his mom was my soccer goalie in high school and college! I always ask families of toddlers to bring some fun props for the session, and Davis’ latest love is golf. They brought along his set of clubs and a football, and we had a blast recording his laughter and clear athletic skill! Thomas, his little cousin, will certainly be joining in the fun next year, but this year I had the joy of capturing snuggles with mom and dad (it was nearing his bedtime) as well as his amazing blue eyes. We also took a few fun images of the boys with their Aunt Paige, who clearly adores them!

I wrote a few months ago about the importance of recording a family as it grows and changes. I love families who understand the value of this. It’s not easy to gather three adult children, their spouses, babies, grandmother, and parents all in one place at the same time, but in the end I believe that it’s so worth it. Diamonds, it was such fun to work with you and hope to see you all again soon!