Colorful Portraits–Madison, CT

I recently spent a week in Southern California to visit a friend and attend the amazing ClickAway Conference, and seeing so much color in the landscape was a (welcome) shock to my eyes. I kept taking out my camera to capture the green palms as well as the orange, purple, and hot pink flowers.  When I returned home and went for a run around the reservoir in Central Park, I was struck by just how DEAD everything is here…muted tones of gray, brown, and pale blue. It almost felt like my eyes were going from color film to black and white.

I realize that in a few weeks, NYC will be vibrant with color again; but for now I’m going through some images from the past year to brighten up my screen. I immediately thought of this family portrait session in Madison, Connecticut. My family has gone to Madison in the summers since I was little, and it’s a great place for summer portraits. I met this family at their house on Long Island Sound, and was in love with the mint green door as a colorful backdrop. Their adorable daughter, Phoebe, has the most incredible red hair and blue eyes, so the color combo was awesome and so summery! Also fits right in with St. Paddy’s Day this weekend! Cheers to these sunny days being (just?) around the corner!