Charlotte–Newton, MA

A few weeks ago I spent a perfect New England fall afternoon with Charlotte and her mom, who is the talented graphic designer behind my logo and branding.   I can’t wait to see how these photos may inspire her holiday card design.  Dappled sunlight, gorgeous leaves, and infectious laughter filled our photo shoot.  Oh, and running…lots of running!  Keeping up with a 20 month old is no easy task, but capturing those perfect expressions on camera is also a challenge!  Luckily, Charlotte’s mom was a great sport (chasing…hiding and seeking…spinning) and I think we captured her daughter’s vibrant personality.  Here are some of my faves from our afternoon together.  I especially love the photograph of their hands.

It’s prime fall portrait time–be sure to get in touch to schedule a session before these sunny, foliage-filled days pass us by!