Double Trouble! Cormac and Reece, Blairstown, NJ

I first “visited” C and R in early August while their mom, a serious trooper, was on bed rest.  Not long after, the identical boys made their much anticipated debut on August 23rd, the day of the East coast earthquake!  I guess they couldn’t contain their excitement at such a bizarre weather phenomenon, arriving well before their October 12th due date. There were some ups and downs during the fall, but now the boys are home together and thriving. Cormac and Reece live on a beautiful prep school campus, which someday soon will be theirs to roam and conquer. Having lived and worked at a boarding school in my past life, I can remember how much excitement new faculty children bring to the students on campus- and these guys get this love x 2!The Eckert boys were my first experience photographing twins.  From the moment I picked up my camera, stood on a chair and towered over their pack’n play, they seemed genuinely interested in what this crazy lady above their heads was doing.  Window light was at a minimum since it was torrentially raining, but the twins were very cooperative as we schlepped them all over the apartment.  Their dog, Jambo, stared longingly from the covered porch while we worked.   I’ll admit that it was twice as hard to get the perfect shot with both boys awake, looking at the camera, eyes open, Mac’s arm not blocking Reece’s face, etc!  (Check out the triptych below for one great sequence.) But it was also twice as fun to witness and record their interactions with each other.  Their dad (who writes an awesome blog about C and R’s adventures) stopped off between teaching classes and I witnessed the impressive double parent bottle feeding routine, and captured a few photos of the whole clan.  Check out Mike’s post (from Jambo’s eyes) about our photo shoot. Happily, we succeeded in getting a great shot for their Christmas card/birth announcement.

I also had a blast documenting their nursery.  Their mom is the most creative person that I know-each boy has a gorgeous custom quilt handmade by her- so it was no surprise to see greens, grays, whites, and blues come together to a form a clean, happy, modern space that felt minimalist yet warm. I loved how their cribs were placed (see below) and how the large map decal reflects their parents, who are true world travelers. The two handcrafted rocking horses, complete with hockey stick legs, are the incredible work of our high school coach, Bruno.  My daughter is lucky enough to have one too! I also adored their elephant mobile so much that I ordered one for Callahan’s room.  Gotta love Etsy. Reece and Mac, it was such a pleasure to visit and photograph you and I can’t wait to watch you grow. Heather and Mike, keep up the good work!

Andrea M - February 6, 2012 - 2:59 pm

So adorable! I love how the room turned out. It is so fun seeing my mobiles in nursery pictures. Great pics!