Monthly Archives: August 2012

Summer Stage–Central Park–New York, NY

Summer Stage in Central Park is one of those great things you’ve got to do while you live in NYC.  While most New Yorkers clear out of the city in August in search of beach breezes, those who stay here can enjoy the finer things in life–Shakespeare in the Park, Summer Stage, and even cloud […]

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Perfection- New York, NY

A friend of mine recently began writing a great new blog–“new” being the key theme–she just moved to a new town and has a new baby, new job, and new house in a new town.  That is A LOT of new.  Life always seems to come in waves like that–in June 2007, I finished grad […]

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Fine Art Friday–Barn Love

I love barns and have some crazy romantic fantasy of buying an old house in the countryside and turning the barn into an awesome studio/work space.  Until then, I can just lust after them–their texture, history, and rugged beauty.  My heart skips a little when they are part of a wedding reception (left).  This one […]

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